On our camping trip for 5 nights we took for two of us plenty of vegetables — zucchinis, onion, tomatoes, bell pepper, mushrooms, potatoes — as well as peaches, grape, cherries, oranges, bread, hummus, sunflower oil, a pack of tofu, and shriracha sauce for tofu. For dinner, we grilled vegetables and tofu on mesquite charcoal and baked potatoes. Nothing can be better than grilled vegetables! We ate them with oil and the leftover kept in the cooler for the next day lunch.

Everything was perfect until on the fourth evening after the half-day hike to Ruby Lake (el. 11,300′) we both, Ed and I, independently felt that we have to go to the restaurant and have cheeseburgers and beer. So, we did it. Whiskey Creek restaurant in Bishop serves amazing burgers.

On the next day we realized that the reason for our sudden craving was excluding from our meal calcium and protein. We forgot to take care about these nutrients and their necessity for our bodies in the conditions of high elevation, extreme heat and sun, and uphill hikes. All our proteins for 4 days came from one pack of tofu, four mushrooms and small amount of nuts in the travel mix which we ate sporadically on hikes, and no calcium at all. At home we get plenty of proteins and calcium eating every day grains, beans, greens, soy and nut milks; here we haven’t eaten these products at all, only bread and a little hummus. Well, we’ve learned our lesson: next time on the trip we will take a special care about protein and calcium, maybe even buying supplements.


Comments on: "Vegan Grilling and Forgotten Nutrients" (1)

  1. I appreciate your note on calcium & protein. I would not have thought of that, and will think about that and other nutrients in my own diet.

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